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Sunday Pets Row Chow Freeze Dried Treats - Beef & Blueberry 50g

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Sunday Pets Row Chow Freeze Dried Treats - Beef & Blueberry 50g

Sunday Pets Row Chow Freeze Dried Treats for Cats and Dogs. 50g .

Our Freeze Dried treats go through a special show 24 hour at less than minus -50 degree freeze-drying process creates a light, crisp texture that appeals to pets. It preserves the fresh flavour, aroma and nutritional value of fresh catch , while providing shelf-stable convenience .
Craving for a different texture? Just add warm water and every fresh food detail returns ! Taste Fresh, Look Fresh, Stay Fresh ! Yours pet will enjoy the delicious taste of nature while having the nutrients it needs to strive.
-100% Fresh New Zealand Ingredients
-NO Whey, wheat, Gluten, Diary, yeast, corn, soy, salt, sugar, filler, starch.
-NO artificial colours, flavours , preservatives.
-100% naturally preserved by Freeze Drying, NO BHT,BHA, and Ethoxyouin

Sunday Pets Freeze Dried Beef and Blueberry, NZ Beef & Blueberry Delight An Amazing collection of nutrients and Antioxidants.

Beef Meat, Beef Heart, Beef Kidney and Blueberry.

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