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Moderna Products Catconcept

Item no.:  C802C802

Price: HK$750.0

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Moderna Products Catconcept



Catconcept is an all-in one solution that combines the ‘best of
all worlds’. So, if you ever wished for a dedicated corner for your
cat that meets all of its needs, this is definitely it! This stylish
design combines a bed, a playground and litter box into one.
The rooftop with soft fabric finish can be flipped, so you can
easily reach the scoop that is hidden inside. A cardboard toy and
scratching post are attached to the side. For the cat’s privacy,
the door of the litter box is made out of translucent plastic.
Catconcept comes in a cardboard box and is easy to assemble. It
also includes a charcoal filter for minimal odour. With the latching
locks, the top can swiftly be removed for easy cleaning

Translucent door for added privacy.
Supporting the soap and water clean up.
Comes packed in a handy cardboard box.
Includes one charcoal filter to help reduce odors.
Made out of premium quality plastic for long lasting use.
Features a flipping rooftop with scoop, cardboard toy & scratching post.
The bottom part features 2 solid latching locks to remove top for easy cleaning.

w 40 / l 48 / h 43 cm

Basic Colours
Grey/ White

Producing in Belgium and the USA

See the Assembly Video

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