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Cat PlayHouse Cat Barrel

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Cat PlayHouse Cat Barrel

CAT playhouse Cat Barrel - Pirate Series

There are numerous and weird shapes of pet toys in the market place, and the trend of modern people are tending to love their pets more than their children. Mr-Sci has designed the pet toy- “Cat Barrel” (with different themes) which is a playhouse suitable for cats and their masters who may go insane to interact with their cats.

Cat barrel combines the characteristics that cats like drilling cartons and like to fiddle with the slots run as well as run out of things. In other word, it is the CAT play house that cat owners can interact with their cats.

The unique design of the cat barrel makes pet crazy. In order to create the cat barrel , the designer not only combines the idea of Pop-up Pirate, a traditional toy for children, with the cat play house, but also integrated multi elements into the product. For instance, the simulation wood grain design, the lovely rivet stickers, as well as the exclusive pirate knife. It totally breakthroughs the dull stereotype of the pet house selling on the market.  The above mentioned accessories are all made of corrugated paper. It is safe and secure. The most important thing is it will not hurt you and your cat during the time you are going on your pirate adventure.

The structure of the cat barrel is simple. Furthermore, it is safe and easy to compose. It does not require any nails or screws. To compose the cat barrel, all you need to do is to prepare a roll of tape and follow the instruction. You can also stick the attach rivet stickers wherever you like it. The whole composing process is just like you are really making a “ real “barrel.

Cat Barrel is not only safe for your cat, but also friendly to the earth. As the cat feels bored with the toy, the waste paper can be reused as the rubbish bin or a container in your house; the multiple uses have made the earth even better. 

Unique Design

Make your cat “insanity”

Easy Structure

Its easy to assemble, even your cat can do it. All you need is scissors or paw.


Friendly to the environment, whole playhouse is able to recycle. Love your cat and also love the world.

Fit in Muti-purpose

If your cat is bored with playhouse (Obviously this situation will never happen) or you are just fall in love with the design, playhouse is also design to be a container or any other purpose if suitable for you. 

Have fun and be safe

Whole playhouse is design and made by corrugated paper, Its safe and harmless to your lovely little pirate kitty in its adventure.

Item dimensions: H: 33cm/ Diameter: 20.5cm

Dimensions of item in packaging: H: 50.6cm, D: 12cm

Color: Brown

Material:corrugated Paper

Barrel X 1

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