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Catswall Cat Scratching Board

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Catswall Cat Scratching Board

Does your cat scratch a lot on your furniture?
Cats often need to sharpen their claws, it’s a part of their natural behavior. Cat owners must provide their cats with a good scratching board or else cats will simply try to sharpen their claws on house furniture.
Catscratching board is made of pine wood, it is durable and environmental friendly. Pine wood has just the right hardness for cats to have a good scratch without harming themselves.

Do you often need to clean up the floor after your cat has used a paper-made scratching board?

Our Catscratching board is made of natural pinewood; it provides just the right hardness for your cat to scratch on.
The burned logo on our products represents our dedication and confidence in providing quality goods to enrich both our human and cat customer’s life.
Our unique Catscratching board design is inspired by washboard.
Not only the washboard design is extremely durable, it also provides great scratching board function.
For cats that have trouble getting used to a scratching board, you may put a little catnip on the board to help them get started.

Measurement and Meterial
Material: Pinewood finger joint splicing board
Measurements: 7 3/4”(W) X 19”(L) X 6 1/4”(H)

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