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Major Dog - Bone Knochen

貨物編號:  3103231032

價格: HK$69.0

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Major Dog - Bone Knochen

Knochen Bone was developed for light tug of war games with small breeds or puppies.The knots and cord, made from Major Dog special textile, allow you to throw the toy easily.

Note: the Bone Dummy is not a chew toy and therefore not designed for your dog to keep.

Material: 100% Natural rubber, Polyester
Weight: 100 g
Size: 50 mm x 100 mmThe DogX is a great toy for throwing and retrieving, puppies and small dogs will keep bringing it back for more. The X shape with added material and rope ends allow for easy throwing and ideal for our smaller four-legged friends to pick it up.

One Size;
– 100mm, 125g

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