Divine Pets Waterless Shampoo 200ml


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Divine Pets Waterless Shampoo 200ml

Divine Pets Waterless Shampoo is an easy to use pet shampoo that requires no wetting or rinsing. It is suitable for dogs, cats and horses and can be used anytime bathing is not convenient or desirable.

Key Benefits
The waterless Shampoo is applied to the coat and massaged or brushed in to provide a foamy lather. The coat can then be brushed or rubbed dry with a towel, leaving the coat clean and fresh.

Waterless Shampoo is practical for use indoors or where access to water or a suitable bathing area is limited. As no wetting or rinsing is required when using the shampoo, wet mess and spills are avoided.

Divine Pets Waterless Shampoo for pets is a special formulation of selected ingredients certified as safe for use in “leave on” applications. Selected to provide excellent cleansing qualities without the need for water, the formulation contains no harsh chemicals, leaves no irritating residue, is pH balanced and mild to the skin.

•Divine Pets Waterless shampoo requires no wetting or rinsing. It cleans, brightens and removes stains from pet’s coats without the need for water.

•Waterless Shampoo is suitable for year round use. It is also perfect for use in confined places, for spot cleaning and deodorising between baths, for sick or old pets and during inclement or cold weather.

•Divine Pets Waterless Shampoo takes the hassle out of bathing a pet. Waterless Shampoo saves water, leaves no mess and is less stressful for pets who do not like to be bathed.

•Divine Pets Waterless Shampoo contains no harsh chemicals, it is paraben and SLS free, and leaves no irritating residue. The formulation is pH balanced and mild to the skin.

Shake before use

1.Divine Pets Waterless Shampoo is automatically dispensed as a foam, providing instant lather.

2.Avoiding your pet’s eyes, massage or brush foam through your pet’s coat.

3.Towel dry.

Water, SLS Free Shampoo Base, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Sunscreen, Paraben Free Preservative.

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